To read Cliffs

To read cliffs v- is to understand how to bring a world up.


Trip to Norway 2017. For a week in Hindsæter, Jotunheimen, I experienced, that I’ve never before looked at cliffs or mountains. I mean examined them with my eyes. On a trip to Galhøpiggen I spent some time to relax and look. Many questions came to my mind. How did these mountain envolve? How did they appear for the first time?

They look so smooth an soft, but they are hard as granite. Did they appear by vulcanos? Different types of stone-materials are seen, different shapes of rocks. And the cliffs look like they have been tilted, and the layers of segmentation might originally been horisontal, but now they are almost vertical. They must have devellopped into this by extreme heat and pressure. Why did they change structure? The Skiffer-rocks lay in thin layers, and looks like glass, easy to break but stil a rock.